Welcome to the WSDOT Aviation Economic Impact Calculator. This tool is designed to assist users estimate an airport’s statewide or regional economic impact based on potential or actual changes in airport activity. The calculations in this tool are high-level estimates to provide a sense of magnitude of economic change based on various scenarios, but should not be taken as specific projections. The tool uses regional economic averages and typical ranges to provide reasonable estimates of impacts based on the types of changes entered, and cannot be assumed to indicate precise calculations.

Base data used in the calculator was obtained during the 2018 WSDOT Airport Economic Impact Study. Sources included airport managers, the Airport Information System (AIS) database (self-reported by airport managers), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and other economic research databases. It is important to keep in mind that airport activity changes over time. As such, base data (2018 study year) used in the calculator may not reflect the current state of the airport, which may result in inconsistent future estimates.

Please read the instructions carefully to understand the purpose and limitations of the Aviation Economic Impact Calculator. Additional information on the WSDOT AEIS, including instructions on how to obtain the full technical report, are available online here.

Please select an airport from the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu includes airports’ three-letter identifiers, official names, and the cities and counties where airports are located. After selection, data from the 2018 study will be displayed by default.